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Chris Hipkins sworn in as New Zealand’s 41st PM

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Chris Hipkins assumed office as New Zealand’s 41st prime minister, succeeding Jacinda Ardern, whose unexpected resignation came last week.
Aged 44, Hipkins has pledged to adopt a “back-to-basics” approach, prioritizing economic concerns, particularly addressing what he termed the “pandemic of inflation.” With less than nine months until a challenging general election, where opinion polls indicate his Labour Party trailing the conservative opposition, Hipkins faces a tight timeline to implement his agenda.
The swearing-in ceremony, officiated by New Zealand Governor-General Cindy Kiro, took place in the presence of friends and colleagues following Ardern’s formal resignation.
Reflecting on the moment, Hipkins remarked to reporters, “It feels pretty real now.” Known affectionately as “Chippy” to many, a moniker that reflects his cheerful demeanor and knack for amateur handiwork, Hipkins previously served as education and police minister under Ardern. He gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic for his adept crisis management efforts.
In her final public appearance as prime minister, Ardern expressed gratitude for the people of New Zealand, acknowledging them as the “joy of the job” and highlighting the personal connection she valued during her tenure.

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